Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thomas- English

Thomas is thinking of using Blogger, as he has never used it in a class before, and it seems accessible (at least in comparison to WordPress). He may also consider incorporating something using video in his class….

One idea that he has is a peer review across different classes. These classes may be same-level courses, or perhaps an ENA101 course (with someone else teaching…this course has students preparing to take the CATW) and an ENG101 course. For the peer review, Thomas would provide students a grading grid to facilitate the review process.

Irwin- English

Irwin is leaning toward using BlackBoard, with an emphasis on the Discussion Board. Later in the year he may use Blogger.

Irwin explained that one element of Essay Writing in his course includes students “writing for someone who has not read the original text” or the text being critiqued. He explained that this can be hard for students to do, but by having students in different English classes write and respond to each other’s drafts on BlackBoard, it may prove to be easier and more natural.

Melissa- Comm. Skills

Melissa plans to use both Blogger and Facebook. She is currently researching ways to link the two technologies to facilitate their use even further.

She would like to assign readings to students, then have them answer prompt questions on Blogger and/or Facebook. Afterwards, students would be encouraged to respond to each other’s posts and ask each other questions. Her goal is to have students strengthen their critical thinking and critical reading skills.

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