Thursday, April 4, 2013

Application -

I have a couple of plans for tying in web 2.0 into my class.
I am looking for a partner to tie my class into another.

Class student in the class will do a webinar tied to a final research paper using e-portfolio and powerpoint.

Each student will research a condition, a type of creative arts therapy, and a specific patient population for a 10 page research paper. (i.e. using comic book heroes in art therapy for treatment of a 14 year old young man with self-esteem issues.)
Final Project: Create a Powerpoint presentation based on the research paper and record an accompanying voice-over speech discussing their topic. These will be presented in class for their final exam.

It seems as though most are using their own classes to work with each other. I have one class, so that is not a possibility.

So here's my personals ad:
Seeking partnership with oral presentation class to coach the voice over section of the project while Human Services students in my class monitor group dynamics of the oral presentation class.

Second Project:
Students are assigned research on creative ways to manage anger. Students will use blogger to journal about anger and their own experiences with it as a secondary emotion.

Still working out details here, but getting it out into the universe.



  1. I find the topics of the first project very interesting. I could offer you my Stats class to be linked to your class doing the final research paper project. Maybe, the students in my Stats class can give "advice" of how to deal with data or how design an experiment where they can test (statistically) the effectiveness of such therapy, look at the population involved, etc. That could be done using ePortfolio or a Blog. This work could be a short project (not as big as the final) for my students. Make sense?

  2. Steve, I wondered if you asked Mark about possibly partnering up with him on this?

  3. I like Milena's suggestion - her Stats class can also help your students interpret statistical data.

    Second Project is a good way to get students to deal with their emotions. I guess using blogger to journal about their experience with anger is in it self a creative way to deal with anger manage.

    The final project can also be posted on blogger.

  4. You are one ambitious dude! Plenty of things going on here that others could dovetail with their classes. Perhaps there are ways to connect a smaller-sized activity (an activity within your big paper due, for example) with what others are doing. And Milena has offered a great suggestion! I wonder if you and Irwin and/or Thomas could do some connection with the content of one of their compositions... and of course the Communications peeps (Rob, Mark, or Lisa...)
    I think it's better to connect with another instructor (more enriching for the two of you; more collaborative!) even if it's harder at first.
    We'll hook you up on Tuesday!

    1. Also, Steven: What exactly is your course again?