Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dance Card

I'd forgotten that I was unable to post my dance-card responses during our last meeting.  Apologies for the delay.

My first partner was Lisa, and we discovered that we teach classes that would be perfect classes to team up: she teaches Images of Women in the Media (that class is HUC 130, I think, plus she also teaches HUC 101), and I teach Images of Women in Literature.  We're going to get our classes in community with each other this semester.  She has a great lesson plan that I'm going to steal and adapt for a lit class, where she shows music videos against non-staged videos of women being objectified; she is thinking about moving some element of this to Facebook, since the platform is ideal for a discussion of a video.  I don't recall if I am making this up or if she said, since she does a version of the assignment in both of these classes, that she will link her two classes.

Then I danced with Mark, who introduced me to, a stripped-down file-sharing and commenting platform.  He Is teaching two sections of Public Speaking, and is looking to get them in virtual conversation throughout the process of preparing work for class.  It sounds like he wants students to use each other as resources as well as sounding boards, with which I fully agree. 

Finally, I joined Maria & Priscilla, and got to brainstorm and talk about my ideas for the entire time.   I definitely see that I need to clarify not just the role of any C2.0 activities in my classes, but the eventual pedagogical purposes.

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