Friday, April 5, 2013

Digital Journal & PSE Transitions

I've been working on a print student journal for Adult Education students.  One of the projects I'll work on this term is moving the next edition online, and creating a method for digital submission that's not an email attachment.  By moving to a digital version,  I'll create an opportunity for students to comment on "published" works, either in writing or by adding some other media that is a reflection of their peers' work. To get some help with this project, I am going to invite students in Daryl's GED class to serve as guest editors.

Over the summer, I will work on some activities that GED Bridge to Health students can complete on online.  I'm hoping to work on a new epidemics unit, so some of that work can happen in the computer lab.  I have to work more on the the contents of that unit before I can be more specific here.

Finally, we are making some shifts in our work to move students into the credit side of the college.  To help train new staff and provide a single clearinghouse for information, I am going to create a transitions wiki with both staff and student pages.  I hope to have this up and running in May.


  1. Wynne,

    It looks like you are creating a website for your program. This is a great idea and hope you are getting help in creating a wiki. Just wondering if students' eporfolios can be linked to wiki. I feel eportfolios help students and faculty see students' growth from non-credit courses to credit courses.

  2. Hi, Wynne! I love the idea of your students working the online journal--especially because in addition to writing, they might have the opportunity to add media that's a reflection of their peers' work! I know you're still working this out, but I'm wondering: What will your students do that Daryl's students can respond to? Could the students collaborate together--each add reflections? Or, since this is a new platform for the journal itself, I wonder if it's an opportunity for students to "brainstorm" and showcase ways of knowing that are multi- or trans-media?

  3. P.S. I checked out the PBWorks sites you invited me to. Impressive! I particularly liked the students' "progress" collages. As artifacts, they are really beautiful, in addition to, of course, showing the work the students have done!