Monday, April 29, 2013

getting things together...

I am planning to meet my other side of the connection at the end of the week... but as the week is developing I might postpone for early next week. In any case, I would like to meet Cindy Casey from the CUNY Immersion Language Program to nail down the details and meet her class to introduce the activity soon.

I am still debating to use a Web 2.0 tool where students have to create new accounts. It will somehow delay the push and intensity of participation. I would like to use something cool but I might end up using Blackboard, which still I am not sure if the students enrolled in her program have access to.

Meeting her will make my life easier and will reduce the uncertainty to zero. It will also stop all the procrastinating that I have been having lately about it. What will be left is to finally create the connection and make live. It will be exciting!

I will be very grateful to receive any insights and opinions about wiki tools.


  1. Hi Milena,
    Porsha and I were also thinking of using Blackboard to do our wiki but thought it might be easier do use wikispaces. So far we have created the account and group project. I have used wikispaces before but I am not proficient. I will keep you posted once I become more familiar with wiki tools.

  2. Milena,

    PB works is a good, free wiki tool that you can adapt for your own purposes. For interacting with other students, it will work like a blog. You can invite people to join using their email addresses, and the sign on process is pretty easy. Another benefit of the site is that you can set an auto email to come to your own inbox anytime a student posts a comment.