Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Implementation of Activity:

So far, I have created the "hub" ePortfolio which will serve as the center of activity and shared work for my BTN195 (Business Urban Study) class and Professor Fernandez's BTM110 (Business Law) class. I have uploaded some readings for students which will be viewed by both classes. The eP has been shared to both classes and the three photography students who will be providing original photography for the app. (I met with these students and gave them the specs for the photos) Additionally, Jetmir Troshani has agreed to help us upload the content (as it comes along) to the app. Finally, my BTN195 independent study student is helping all of the groups with research (providing links to articles, websites, etc. on ePortfolio) as part of her class obligations.

Tonight, my class is discussing the readings.

I am exhausted.


  1. Ha ha you should be exhausted! I wish I had thought of using the students in my independent study. I still may.

  2. I like the idea of using eportfolio, since that's already a shared forum for students. Can we see the hub as it progresses?

    It's a great idea to capitalize on students' interests to create the content and media for the site: that gives me inspiration to seek out images and more from the adult ed students who are participating in the student journal I'm working on.

  3. @ Robert - if you do, let me know how it goes. I am always trying to find ways to get the independent study students involved.

    @ Wynne - I think the link to the hub is available on the list that Priscilla and Maria put together. It is a work in process, but students have started posting to it already :)