Friday, April 5, 2013

Making Reading Connections

Melissa and I have decided to bring together my CSE 099 (Essentials of Reading II) course and her CSZ 099 (Academic Reading Strategies) course. We have determined that the stronger of the two courses is the CSE 099. In both courses students are preparing to take the ACT in Reading at the end of the semester. However, the students in Melissa's class have already taken CSE 099, but have yet to pass the ACT (repeaters). 

Our class communities will connect through the use of our Blog EZ READING CONNECTIONS (Blogger)and the text "America Now" which we have assigned to both of our classes. The text focuses on the use of technology and how it has changed the way we read and write. Students in my class have already begun to communicate with me and each other through Blogger about readings in the text. They already have a sense of providing feedback to their peers.

Melissa's CSZ students will receive a writing asignment which they must collaborate as a whole class on. (Students will be broken up into groups, responsible for a particular section of the writing assisgnment). The final product will be posted on Blogger. My CSE students will provide feedback and responses adhering to our rubric for blog posts. We will take turns with the responsibilities of assigning a task and providing feedback.


  1. Porsha,

    Just one question, how well do you think these blogger assignments will help students prepare for the ACT in reading? Will you ask students to read the assignments in class to assign grade for reading?

  2. I love the idea of these students working together. It's interesting (and compelling) that the CZE students who have already taken CSE (and failed) are "weaker" than the students who haven't taken CSE. (I'm curious what the purpose of CZE is... Is it the course students take when they fail CSE? What's the difference between the two classes?)
    I too wonder (like Sree) how the activities will prepare students for the ACT in reading. I love that the text focuses on technology and ways in which we read and write. Doubly meta, since they will be using Web 2.0 platforms!
    Also--will be interested to know the rubric for blog posts as "evaluation" is something we need to address with the Comm 2.0 group. Yours will help!