Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Plans for collaborative assignment

Like Mark, I am going to connect two of my HUC 106 Public Speaking classes.  However, I will be primarily using a wiki platform for my activities.

I like to use wikis because of their ease of use and simplicity in keeping everything (communication/comments/etc.) in a central location.  The activities will consist primarily of peer review at a number of levels/stages.  I haven't quite figured out how I will assess these activities but it shouldn't be too difficult to come up with some measures.

Basically, I will be grouping students into teams of 4 (2 from each class so they will have a known peer from within the class and 2 non-known peers from outside the class).  All students will post their outlines for the informative and persuasive speech.

Peers will post their comments/feedback as to:  topic selection (this is post obviously), organization/structure, and overall effectiveness of outline content.  In-class peer will also provide feedback in the same wiki space on the actual speech itself (this will be delivery-based feedback).

The purpose it to get as many viewpoints/perspectives as possible, beyond the instructor's.


  1. As this is in a similar vein to what I plan to do, I'll be interested to discuss with you how things went that we did differently (wiki vs. file sharing site, implementation and evaluation criteria, etc.)

  2. It occurs to me that you and Mark should have connected your two classes!
    Also: Just curious: Do you guys videotape the speeches and are you able to post them? (YouTube, perhaps?)
    I'm intrigued to know what you came up with for assessing the activities. I'm curious to see how this feedback model works on a wiki. I'm also curious what you mean by wikis' simplicity in keeping everything (communication/comments/etc.) in a central location." Is this compared to other platforms? I tried using Google's wiki (Site) with my class and found it less than user friendly. So I'd love to see your platform and its simplicity.