Monday, April 29, 2013

Reflection on Connecting Activity for 4/29

Not too much to report so far. Thomas and I agreed to have our ENA101 students exchange key paragraphs from their Essay #3 drafts via Facebook in mid-May. My students have just gotten started on Essay #2, which I'm planning to use as rehearsal for the connecting exercise. I'm still working out the plan. We're going to do peer review, but I haven't decided if we'll do it face-to-face or "asynchroneously" via Facebook. While using Facebook would be the logical way to practice for the connecting exercise, I think learning to give useful feedback best occurs in person, since there's no substitute for face-to-face interaction. Then again, using Facebook might free up some students to give honest and helpful comments, since they could feel less pressured to be "nice" and give perfunctory praise if they aren't sitting in front of the writer. There are advantages either way. I'm going to wait and try to get a feel for the students' preferences before making the decision.



  1. People can be just as perfunctory online! But I think providing face-to-face at first is good so they can know their audience. Maybe you can have them provide some f2f comments and then do something on FB too so they get practice at both. Just saying. Thanks for including labels!!

  2. I'll be interested to hear which method you choose to utilize. Maybe even consider having half utilize F2F and half utilize in person (could be interesting to see the differential in feedback) Not that we want to experiment with students, but when both courses of action seem equally appropriate, it might further our understanding.

    Good luck with your connecting! Hope it all goes well Irwin.