Monday, April 29, 2013

Reflection on Facebook Group Activity

Irwin and I have discussed the activity in more detail. Via Facebook groups, students will exchange paragraphs that will be excerpted from their upcoming research essays, and will be evaluated according to the principles of the "sandwich method." The students will (probably) not be told the details of the essay assignment that the other class has been given. However, this will be the point of the group activity. Students will have to develop paragraphs that are able to "stand alone" (containing a claim, a quote from one of their sources, and an explanation of the quote's significance in relation to the claim). If they are not able to "stand alone," one of the parts of the "sandwich" probably needs to be revised and/or clarified. I have just begun to prepare my students for this activity. Today, they were given the essay assignment and research methods were discussed. Subsequently, I will introduce the Facebook group activity once they feel more secure in their topic and have begun the research process. Thomas


  1. I would like to know more details about the "sandwich method". In my connection, each side is receiving different instructions since the classes are for the students to develop different skills. I would like to also know more details on how you can pinpoint deficiencies in the "sandwich" from single paragraphs.

    1. The "sandwich method" is a metaphor for something we've all done in our academic work--incorporating and analyzing textual material from another source. In my teaching, the "top slice" gives some context and background material (or a topic sentence, if you'd prefer). The "filling" is the quote itself. The "bottom slice" is discussion, commentary, anaysis of the quotation. I can forward you a copy of the handout I've made for my student--just remind me via email.