Monday, April 22, 2013

Sharing an experience...

Last Friday I had the honor to be invited to be part of a panel discussion in the 3rd Annual English Language Learners Forum about English Language Learning across the Disciplines at Hostos Community College. It was very interesting.

The key note speakers were Drs. Michelle Thomas and Cynthia Schuemann of Miami Dade College on Accelerated Content-Based English Project.

They were entertaining and interesting, illustrating many ideas using video and quotations from "Gloria", the Hispanic character of Modern Family. I am not very familiar with the show but I knew about her, Gloria, one of the latest Colombian prides (in one of the comments, you can find a short intro about me and Gloria).

During their talk, I started to feel hesitant about the moment when I have to do my short minute presentation. I was starting to feel that my destiny on that day for me was to be Gloria. I introduced myself as the proxy for Gloria in the discussion Panel, just to break the ice. Did the presentation, went well, and it was very well received. I also included a short pitch about our Community 2.0 seminar and all the interesting stuff we do. As result, Cynthia E. Casey from the CUNY Immersion Program at LaGuardia was in the audience and she will be very interested to connect her students with my MAT96 students. I still have to get the details but we will do a short trial this semester but I am very excited for that.

If you would like to see my presentation, click here.


  1. P.S.

    At my home, we are TV-free for the past 12 years. Not because we don't like TV, on the contrary, because we like a lot! Thus, I am living in a state of delayed acquisition of knowledge about latest trends of pop culture. In short, I am usually out-of-date. The first time I heard about "Gloria" was two years during the party of one of my son's friends. We were in the park surrounded by 3 and 4's years old and the grandmother-from Minessota-- of the birthday boy asked where I was from. I said Colombia. And she got all excited about the admiration she has for Sophia Vergara, a fellow Colombian and the actress who plays "Gloria". I was flattered with her admiration of a Colombian and relieved and surprised of not being talking about the usual sad topics people know about my country. That is why I was so hesitant about Gloria and me, in a presentation where I have to talk about ELL being myself (somehow) a ELL.

  2. This sounds amazing, Milena! Second language learning is my country and you were hanging out with my peeps! Wonderful. I too have no television--same reason as you! So I miss out on a number of tv-cultural references. I hope you become part of the Literacy Brokers Project that I coordinate here at LaGuardia (to promote academic publications of our multilingual faculty). P.S. Cindi will be a great person to connect with!

  3. Thanks Maria. I will talk to her this week the latest. One of my worries is what will be the best platform to use... I envision it very colorful and the tools I think about are not very like that. BTL, I spotted couple of typos in my comment... I am working on that.