Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2.0 Reflection

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First of all, I am hoping to use the projects I started working on this semester for greater impact/effect in the summer and fall.  The students and staff are excited about the journal, but I would like to offer more lessons and activities to incorporate writing for an audience outside the classroom.

While I had the chance to collect and put together two editions of the adult ed student journal since February, the forum for an exchange of comments and ideas is still in the works.  The spring semester for most of our classes goes through the end of June, so I have another month to get a first round of commenting and reading going on. In seeking submissions, I sent out a form and announcement, along with ideas about how to incorporate the theme into writing activities in the classroom.  This method seems to work well to generate interest and support instructor's work with resources they can use immediately.

Over the summer, I will work on a set of lessons to facilitate the 2 strands of writing/media creation needed for the project:  creating submissions, and posting comments on others' writing.  I'm also working on a coursesite for college transition activities that all teachers at the BE 4 and GED level can implement: perhaps those activities can inform the journal theme.  We are also running two classes this summer for college prep and GED exam review, so I can pilot another exchange of comments and posts with those smaller groups.

  • how to negotiate between standards of a journal and the lessons/activities that support it
  • what criteria, if any, to use for submissions when they come from writers across such a wide range of skill and experience (I published every submission this time since it is the first digital edition)
  • deciding whether wordpress is the best platform.  I like the way it turned out visually, but it might be hard to navigate for some readers.  
  • playing an editorial role without my own classroom or students
One of the most common issues we faced was time enough to create effective assignments.  One other learning experience I think is even more important is how planning and lesson design change when incorporating digital platforms. 

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