Tuesday, May 28, 2013


On Thursday evening, my students posted their first drafts of the actual content they are going to contribute to the app/mobile course. I created a rubric for feedback, and shared the rubric with my students before assigning the feedback activity instructions and rubric to Professor Fernandez's students. Professor Fernandez's students had the option of commenting/providing the feedback over the weekend or in class today. He will provide his lab hour to allow the students who did not have a chance to comment to do so. This is great because he will be there to assist them with any tech issues, and answer any questions about the activity which may arise.

Tonight, my students and I will look over the comments and discuss them in class. We will talk about the experience of receiving feedback in this way (from people they have never met, via eP). I would like them to make the connection that when creating an app, this is the way they will receive feedback in "the real world." So hopefully there will be a rich discussion about the pro's and con's to writing for, and receiving feedback from, an "anonymous" audience.

My students wanted to know when they will be able to evaluate some of Professor Fernandez's students' work. It seems only fair that they get the chance to do so before semester's end. Hector and I are discussing when we can schedule this part of the activity before finals.

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  1. Irwin and I had our students exchange feedback in a similar manner (providing a rubric for analysis before they comment). It will be interesting to see if they view "real world" feedback as more harsh (yet constructive) than they would perhaps give for a "class project." This really pushes students to think beyond the classroom and apply and evaluate what they are learning as part of a larger context. So great!