Tuesday, May 28, 2013

and it came to pass...

I've written a couple of posts on the results of our blogger experience.
I've written a little about the process.
This is... a culmination piece? A reflection on the entire process.

The whole seminar has been a great experience for me. Yes, as you can tell by previous posts it has been frustrating at times, however it still has been beneficial.

I think the most beneficial nugget I am taking away is really looking at the rubric, evaluation process, and planning the use of web 2.0 platforms in my syllabus. I've read the scholarly thought of my colleagues in the class and their attention to rubric.

Everything I teach is through experiential learning processes. Adding this dimension should be easy - and it will be in the future.

Trying to force an exercise into an already planned class was difficult; and I am the kind of person capable of changing direction on a dime. There are other people involved though (partner teachers, and students) and this can throw them off. At the same time, some really valuable learning took place as a result of the blogging exercise. (See earlier post)

Entering this seminar without a real idea about the expectations was challenging - but we did it!
I'm glad I was able to get one lesson under my belt to see how I need to change the experiences for next fall.

I'm really looking forward to the fall semester as I have the entire summer to plan and integrate ideas into my upcoming class. I think the ideas we have come up with will be organic and cross discipline. It won't feel forced.

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