Monday, May 6, 2013

Anticipation for activity next week....

I have been busy these past days deciding (and trying) different platforms to implement my Plain Englsih Math (PEM) activity connecting my MAT096 course and a class of the Immersion Language program @ LaGuardia C.C.

I had created wiki sites to test (in a hurry) four platforms Wikispaces, PBWorks, Blackboard, and Google sites. My conclusions are:
Blackboard Wiki: It is the wiki platform I am more comfortable with since I used it for three semesters before for my Hybrid Statistics course's Wiki.
  • PROS: All is pre-arranged, I know how it works, all is familiar.
  • CONS: Immension program students don't have access to CUNY's Blackboard (I learned that today... if I knew earlier).
  • VERDICT: Guilty... I won't use Blackboard.
WikiSpaces: I heard about it from Robert in our Community 2.0 meeting and reading the posts in the blog.
  • PROS: All is pre-arranged and kind of easy to figure the customization. Still would like to load a banner to give it something cool, and I can't find how.
  • CONS: I am not familiar with it therefore I don't have the experience to oversee any difficulties students (or me) might have during the connection. I had read reviews and some people like it, some other prefer PBWorks, some other like Google sites... 
  • VERDICT: Not sure...
PBWorks: I heard about it from Wynn and Priscilla in our Community 2.0 meeting and by reading the posts in the blog. Pros and Cons very similar to WikiSpaces.
  • PROS: It feels  kind of too "professional". Even though pros are the same as for Wikispaces, I have the gut feeling that PBWorks is better than others.
  • CONS: Even though pros are the same as for Wikispaces, I have the gut feeling that is kind of better than others. I have the gut feeling that not be as good as others. 
  • VERDICT: Not sure...
Google sites: I like google very much so by extension I assumed Googles' wikis is also cool... :s
  • PROS: It is highly customizable and I like that. It looks cool.
  • CONS: It is highly customizable and I like that.
  • VERDICT: Guilty... I don't have the time to play with it this semester. I will leave it for next Fall.
 Following my gut feeling and the looks, I will use the PBWorks but I might change at the last minute and use Wikispaces... if any one have any comments or advice, please let me know.

I hope this week I will get to present the workspace to my collaborator Cindy Casey at the CUNY immersion program at LaGuardia and to the students at the beginning of next week :)

Hope all is going on wheels for the other connections!


  1. Thanks for posting your survey of the wiki tools, Milena! I look forward to learning more about the current options for wikis vicariously through your work. It is such a shame that CUNY cannot figure out a way to integrate ACE students into its technologies....that is one of the major drawbacks of LaG being subsumed by CUNY, tech-wise. The CTL and even LaG's IT admin have fought for CUNY to include ACE integration for years, but to no avail, unfortunately. And some of our ACE faculty continue to be among the leading innovators of integrating technology and pedagogy at the college!

  2. Unfortunately, that kind of obstacle delays the implementation of innovative ideas...