Monday, May 6, 2013


There was traffic in the Intertubes.

My apologies for my absence from class and the online community. I am still very excited about this class, and I think my participation should show it. I'll be sure to be at the next meeting.

About three minutes ago, I created two blogs for the two communities in the CUNY Fatherhood Academy. Here are the links: and There isn't much happening on these blogs for the moment; I plan on meeting with our students this week to begin turning these blogs into whatever it is they will become. I hope they become something trailblazing.

The plan for the moment is to have five students from the GED class spearhead the development of the CFA Journal. They can create any content they desire so long as it focuses on the CFA and all related materials. We will work on designing the blog together this week. In addition, they have to reserve one page for a problem they are collectively trying to solve. That's my plan, but I also want to give them room to make the blog into something that showcases some nonacademic talent.

The CFA College Bound blog will be used for academic purposes. The personal essay and any expository writing will be thoroughly encouraged. It will also be linked to an English 102 course. I am still working out the details with that.

More later.

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  1. Hey Daryl! This sounds quite promising! I am very much looking forward to hearing how it goes. Have your students used blogs before? Do you feel that most are comfortable with the platform? Good luck and please keep us posted.