Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Image by Crystal Light
On Friday, the 24th of May, my class got into a discussion on empathy based on the blog exercise we did with Professor Foy's class. The exercise became an excellent tool for helping them understand how providing feedback on work is also an act of showing empathy - and how closely related the skill sets are for both.
This led to another discussion on empathy and the LGBT community from the Groupwise discussion about a young man being murdered in the West VIllage and providing a safe space on campus for our LGBT students.
I asked then as Social Work students how they might use creative arts therapies to help someone feel safe. We ended up working through a scene with an actor/trainer to practice the skills we discussed earlier.
(This is a little broad an confusing right now, but it made a nice flow of conversation and experiential learning.)
The results of this lesson came from the Blog - Web 2.0 exercise we did last week.

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