Friday, May 3, 2013

Enhancing Social Pedagogies: Where to insert "PEM"?

In my opinion, the Social Pedagogies White paper presents two very clear diagrams describing the components and interrelationships of between understanding, expression and community (page 5).

On page 6 an extension of this diagram is presented where all the parts are detailed. 
I would think that right after the second paragraph in page 6, starting with "Naturally, teachers think about..." will be a good place to insert a description of my connection since the activity I am implementing somehow is related to the three layers: Constructing understanding, Communicating it, and the presence of an Authentic Audience. 

In this link you can see a description of the activity by the side of the diagram about Social Core. 

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  1. I'm struck by how often the concept of "authentic audience" has come up. It seems that quite a few of us have sensed how being the sole reader of our students' work might not be the optimal way to develop their writing and critical thinking.