Monday, May 13, 2013

Facebook activity update 5/13

The students have begun the process of developing their research papers. We are writing the paper in stages, which helps students to be more focused and precise in the development of their ideas. They have selected their topics, formulated research questions, and generated thesis statements. Today, we worked on the introduction to their research papers and discussed, in particular, how their thesis statement structures the subsequent body paragraphs of their paper (i.e., the thesis statement needs to have three reasons in support of its central claim). For Wednesday, students will develop their first body paragraph that they will post on Facebook groups for Irwin's ENG/A 101 class. These paragraphs will be developed using the "sandwich method" and will be evaluated by how well the paragraph is constructed and proves its specific claim. The sandwich paragraphs, for instance, should have: 1) a topic sentence that states a claim 2) a signal phrase 3) a quotation 4) a citation 5) an explanation of the quotations significance in relation to the claim being made. Students will use this criteria to evaluate the paragraphs from Irwin's class (in addition to providing a brief one-sentence summary of the paragraph). We have assigned pairs of students who will be working together and we will discuss tomorrow the logistics of posting the paragraphs on Facebook groups (particularly for those students who do not have Facebook accounts).

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  1. What's the image of/for? I like it. I want info! (But wouldn't it have been more appropriate to put in a sandwich? ;-)