Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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Well, we did it. Professor (Tony) Foy and I worked with both classes to blog about grief and the use of creative arts therapies, or activities, to get a client to open up about their emotions.
A difficult part of using Blogger is the time for set-up. Making sure accounts are established in advance and collecting the e-mail addresses for invitation is definitely the most efficient way to do this project.
Tony's class discussed a client who was grieving over the loss of a dog who died suddenly in a car accident.
Specifically she was looking for a written response demonstrating the students understanding of empathy vs. evaluative. This particular class has difficulty with wanting to "problem-solve" for others and being a little judgmental in their responses to previously assigned case studies.
My class read the posts from Tony's class and responded with suggestions demonstrating more empathy and recommending an activity, or specific form of  creative arts therapy to help the patient through their grief and other emotions they are experiencing.
(We work with activities as obviously the students are not licensed therapists but are doing internships where they are involved in an intake process for Social Work.)

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  1. Again, a big lesson learned. Getting stuff set up in advance as much as possible.