Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Here we go...

Hi all,

Again, I am terribly sorry.

The CUNY Fatherhood Academy ends in July. What I have purposed to do might not take that long to generate activity. http://cunyfatherhoodcollegejournal.blogspot.com/

Here's the first page. I am hoping for the best. I am going to focus exclusively on the college prep group.

By dividing the page between a "community forum" and an academic assignment page, I am recognizing that my students might need friendly social forum as well as an introduction to the academic communities (and their discourses) they are about to enter into. More on that later.


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  1. Hi, Daryl,
    I'm not totally clear about what you've proposed to do? (Can you post your platform here, btw: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B17woO1xIWNmMBF0zZmkjGxphYG081ru9jrPfmiCTuM/edit)
    I see the on your blog that you posted some math problems that you wanted your Ss to post answers to in Comments. You may want to consider linking up to a Google Docs where it would be easier to see and work out the problems (as in a table?).
    Are you thinking of maybe connecting with Milena's math class...? Just a thought!