Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6th Facebook activity update

Last week, the students were told about the upcoming Facebook activity with Irwin's class. They felt a bit anxious that someone else would be critiquing their writing. I assured them that they had nothing to fear and that we would develop their research papers in stages (with the "paragraph exchange" as one of the stages). The students have selected their topics, formulated research questions, and developed thesis statements. They will begin researching their topics and writing the introduction next week and will have the first body paragraph produced in time for the Facebook activity on the 15th of May. With the previous two essays, students have conducted peer reviews and so they are accustomed to giving other students feedback. Nevertheless, we will review "proper etiquette" for critiquing the paragraphs for the activity.


  1. I will really like to see this in action. Is there a way you could let us see the progress by taking screen shots or during our next Community 2.0 meeting?

  2. Interesting to see that your students are expressing anxiety about the interaction. Is their anxiety simply about others (especially "unknown" others) critiquing their work, or about privacy? I ask, because my students are expressing concern about privacy despite the fact that we are *not* using Facebook (and despite the fact that their private pages are so overloaded with inappropriate material) but are, instead using ePortfolio. Also, I'm wondering if you'd be willing to share your "proper etiquette" information with me/us? I'd like to incorporate this discussion into my discussions with students as well.