Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My May 6 update (at 12:03am on May 7, lol).

My students have begun to work on their Public Service Announcements that will (hopefully... I'm behind in my communications with people) be reviewed by Steven Hitt's Human Services students.  While my students are excited about the PSAs and the feedback, they are expressing concern about privacy.  I explained that their PSAs will be posted on my ePortfolio site and they started asking about what if people see them or their names on Facebook.  First, I explained that I'm not friends with students on Facebook, and then I explained that their identifying information will be removed prior to my posting their work on my ePortfolio.  I then shared student projects from Fall 2 so they could see that there is absolutely no identifying information.

I find it all a bit weird, actually.  These students post all kinds of crazy and inappropriate stuff on their Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr pages, but they're worried about privacy with regard to academic work?  Shouldn't it be the other way around?  Regardless, it has provided for some interesting conversations and, I hope, learning moments that might actually last.

All that said, my students are in the midst of their Persuasive Speeches, so the PSAs won't actually be completed (unless I can get students to work more quickly and collaboratively which, given events in the classroom this morning, is questionable) until the day prior to our final C2.0 meeting. 

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  1. My students had the same questions but my students were really excited to build a wiki because it had an "authentic audience."
    Privacy is always an issue and I always reassure my students that I won't use or post any of their work without their permission.