Monday, May 20, 2013


This week (Thursday), I will be assigning the community activity to be implemented in both my Urban Study course and Hector Fernandez's Business Law course. We will be touching base tomorrow to go over the details of the assignment itself.  I am excited, and so are my students, as I have been "talking up" the whole Community aspect of this project for some time, and from this point on, students will actually get to engage with each other using ePortfolio. Cool beans.

Priscilla had a great suggestion to help students feel a sense of progress in this project, and to have a visual to show them how much has been accomplished (even if it doesn't seem like much at this point). While Hector and I are using ePortfolio for the collaborative activities, and as a course hub, we are going to create a course on iTunesU (which is essentially a mobile course which can be accessed through the iTunes app), and post all the completed work towards the app on this course. Luckily, it is quite easy, downloads to students' phones instantaneously, and we have plenty of technical support. This will serve as a nice visual to show students what they have completed toward the app, and, in the case that the Android app cannot be completed at the end of the semester, they will have contributed to a mobile course, which is a big accomplishment in itself.

Surprisingly, any technology twist that I have thrown at the students has been met with positive feedback. This class seems sold on the idea that mobile technology and accessibility are greatly aligned with their coursework, and that the future of information access and retrieval is mobile apps. I am very lucky! I am just glad that we are actually starting to get things done this semester, and that students will be able to see how each of their independent contributions and their collaborative transactions have contributed to something bigger. Feeling happy about this project for the first time in a while!


  1. So glad to hear that the any technological challenges haven't deterred your students. The inclusion of iTunesU sounds wonderful as well. I look forward to reading about the community activity and its success :)

  2. You say you're lucky, but I think you're reaping what you've sowed. Amazing work. I want to know how to build an app!! And I want to know more about using ePortfolio in a "social pedagogy" way. Much to learn from you, Nikky McGee! Well done.