Monday, May 27, 2013

Reflexions on my connection's platform

After spending many hours (I really mean many hours) trying to get a nice looking Wiki with Math text incorporated and legible... I discovered something that I should have been better to use instead than wikispaces. Below, you can see how my wikispaces connection looks like before students input their PEMS (Plain English Math Solutions):

Sample 1:
Sample 2:
 Sample 3:

Without looking for it, I  discovered Piazza  from a colleague in the Math Department who is using it in her Pre-Calculus class. It is a very popular Discussion-Forum-type of Web 2.0 tool that magically students like and intuitively easily use. What is more important for me, it is that allows students and instructors to (very) easily input nice-looking mathematical writing and symbols. It looks like this:

I think that next semester, I am going to use Piazza instead of wikispaces in such a way that students can post their Plain English Solutions and their Mathematical writing for each exercise.

Well, I suppose I had to try wikispaces and see how things where there in that environment. I have to say though that I prefer the built-in wiki feature of Blackboard.

On that front, the web 2.0 tool final veredict for my connection is that Wikispaces was not the best choice.

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