Friday, May 17, 2013

Report Back: Experiments and Experiences in Online Education Open House

A couple of weeks ago, on Tuesday April 30th, the Center for Teaching and Learning hosted  Experiments and Experiences in Online Education”, an open house. This event was one of the follow-ups from last November’s Instructional Staff Meeting, where we examined several aspects on hybrid/online education.

At the Open House, there were 4 topic tables with presenters, and I’m happy to say that this time Community 2.0 was well-represented. Topics included MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses), Carnegie Mellon’s OLI (Open Learning Initiative), Hybrid/Online Learning at LaG, and Community 2.0.

The C2.0 presenters were Melissa Greenaway, Porsha Esterene and myself. Milena Cuellar was one of the presenters for the Carnegie Mellon OLI (Open Learning Initiative) project.  Audience members rotated among tables for 20-minute presentations, and there was time for q & a.

For the intro, I provided an overview about the development of C2.0 at the college, giving kudos to its originators Professors  Ximena Gallardo and C. Jason Smith (both currently on sabbatical) and examples/ highlights from the ways that previous participants have creatively engaged web 2.0 technologies to connect students. 

Then Melissa and Porsha presented about connecting their CSE and CZE classes, including the challenges as well as the successes. They discussed some trials and tribulations tech-wise, the challenges of collaborating, and made it clear that they take different approaches around what they expect students to learn in the process of engaging with social technologies. I hope they will post their powerpoint here on the blog, and just wish we had some video because Melissa and Porsha  are both excellent presenters.

Our very own Milena Cuellar also presented on her work with Carnegie Mellon’s OLI (Open Learning Initiative), which I also encourage her to post about here  on the C2.0 blog when she can, so we can learn more about it. OLI, from the little I know about it, seems to leverage the real learning potential for cross-campus, large-scale teaching and learning that MOOCs in some forms  address. However OLI seems motivated much more by helping students learn than figuring out how to turn a profit, as some of the MOOCs movement is doing.  

The drawback of the Open House for me was not getting to hear any of the other tables’ presentations! So I hope Milena will share at least a glimpse of hers here with us.

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  1. Thanks, Priscilla, for representing us so well. I want to hear Porsha and Melissa's presentation! And Milena's as well. Maybe we'll have time on the 28th... I think it would be helpful for others.