Monday, May 6, 2013

The May 6 (not so much to update) update!

Hey all - hope your activities are going well if you're running them!

In terms of mine, I won't run it until after the informative speeches are completed.  This means approximately two weeks or so.  The formative feedback I provide for this speech will help them to start to think about evaluation.

I'm still in progress in developing the two rubrics, one to determine appropriate interactivity and feedback for the student interaction and another that is provided to the student to help hone their feedback to their peer.

I don't think the link to join my group is working, I sent an invite link and it was posted, but it seems to not connect properly.  I will look into it.  One of the benefits of Box is that it can be a closed community - and personally I don't like using social networks that were developed for other reasons and then kind of jumped on by education, just my personal feeling and perspective.  To draw a comparison, it's like if students all start to spend time together at the local laser tag place, then I show up and start talking about peer mentoring for their homework.  There's a sanctity in a space, whether real or digital.  I know... strange, right?  Welcome to my world.

If you're read this far, thanks :)


  1. I agree with you about the social networks and their use for Educational purposes. At the same time I am very curious how any interaction develops in that environment.

  2. I'll be interested to see your rubrics. I'll also be interested to hear about the interaction and its success or failure. Mostly, I enjoyed your laser tag analogy. Many of my students are resisting the whole process; they're uneasy and worried about privacy and whatnot. Guess we'll see what happens.