Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Themes/Challenges Nicole, Leah, Irwin, Wynne

Themes and Challenges
Time constraints:  having to focus more on technology than content out of necessity, such as introducing activities late, lack of lab access, little time for planning

Integrating the parts of the trivium--balancing the 3 aspects of the trivium, plus the existing learning objectives in every class session is a major challenge

Finding the right platform--no one platform had all the features we'd like to use

Assessment and Participation---when assignments were voluntary or not for a grade, there was no accountability and students did not fully participate. We'll continue to explore opportunities for assessment, including student generated rubrics or protocol for commenting on each others' work.  To assess her students' work, Nicole counted the number of responses students posted evaluated the quality of each post.

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  1. The idea of how to push students to participate is certainly a tough one. I wrestle with it too. I've even considered (if you've ever heard it go this far, please let me know)... requiring 'process A' (in my case online peer feedback) as a mandatory req't prior to delivering their speeches. Almost as if it would act as a gatekeeper, so don't do it, then you can't proceed to the graded portion.

    Also, I'm seeing the time theme occurring in most groups. But we have to consider, for much of the semester, we were planning!

    Hope all of you have a good remainder of the semester, looking forward to continued conversations.