Wednesday, May 8, 2013

update: connecting teachers to the journal

I've been working on collecting submissions and sharing ideas for incorporating the journal theme into classroom instruction.  To that end, I emailed instructors a couple of ideas:
1) A link to an NCTE lesson plan that incorporates Amy Tan's famous essay/speech, Mother Tongue. 
2) A couple of lesson plans that address cultural identity and food, using the short essay "Food Suitcase" by Lahiri.Those are from an intro to a GED unit on globalization, when that was a hot topic.

The idea with sending these materials is to begin to generate some instructor interest in supporting students to submit essays and other work focused on the concept of identity to the journal.

Next week, I will send them a couple ideas and activities connected to online identities.  I have found some work on personas from MIT, but that project is a little old.  One thing I'm realizing about exploring identity online is that the number of virtual representations of identity meets or exceeds the number possible in the physical world.  I just need a bit more time to collect a sample of  those and present them in a lesson format.

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