Monday, May 13, 2013

Update for 5/13

Re: Robert Moses Informational App - Collaborative Project: Business Law and Urban Study

Today Professor Fernandez and I met with IT staff to discuss their role in assisting us with the app technology. Unfortunately, it seems that while we were planning on creating an Android app (and incorporated this plan into our assignments), it is not doable now due to reasons unrelated to our classes or schedules. It was suggested, however, that we instead use iTunes U as the platform for creating the informational app, and so we may move forward with that.

It seems that at every turn there is a new challenge to have to overcome. I am very content with the fact that our hub ePortfolio has been created, my students have started using it, and within a week or so, students from both classes will be interacting, collaborating and critiquing each others' work via the eP. At the very least, we will have established a community much larger than that of our own physical classrooms, as well as implemented an activity (or two or three) which requires students from both classes to work with each other in meaningful ways. The only thing that is bumming me out is that each time I try to explain to my students what our end goal is, it has to change because of department deadlines, technical issues, etc.

Hector and I are trying to roll with the punches. We truly believe that the work we are doing, whether it ends in a finished app or not, is worthwhile. The activities leading up to creation of the app are really the "meat and potatoes" of the project- the stuff that builds community. The app is the icing on the cake (sorry about all the food references- I haven't had dinner yet). So even if we end up having to finish the app over the summer, the activities where students are working with each other via eP will have contributed to their learning and understanding of Robert Moses and of the course material. I guess that is keeping me going even though this has been quite challenging.

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  1. Your project is very complex, but it's very worthwhile. My experience with any type of design project is that it ends up taking at least 2 - 3 times longer than I originally anticipated. Sorry;-( But you should not get too discouraged, because this app will be a wonderful resource, for students and many others.

    The tricky part may be helping students maintain interest in the process even though the tangible product may not be actualized in their semester.

    For some reason, those fundraising campaigns at non-profits, like the Y, come to mind - you know, the thermometer (made out of construction paper) slowly rising as donations come in.

    Just an idea - some kind of graphic representation of progress - or its stages - that students can see. Maybe one of the project management software packages even has something like this built in?

    Hang in there, you're doing a great project!