Thursday, May 23, 2013

Update, a little late.

I have received some submissions to the journal:  maybe 30 or so, with the promise of more to come.
It seems like sending out a variety of ideas for incorporating submission generating assignments into the class worked pretty well.  After I sent out the first set of ideas, I followed up with a link to some NYT Ed Blog lessons about identity online.

I think that most of the contributors composed on paper, so for the next round, I am going to create a stronger set of lesson plans that teachers can use during their lab hour.  Our students tend to need a lot of development of their digital literacy skills:  they have either been out of school too long to have had academic experience with computers, or they use technology for non-academic purposes. That said, the whole assessment system for adult learners is moving onto computers, so we have to accelerate students' progress in the lab.  Maybe composing for an online audience can help bring some purpose to this task.

The next step is to spend some time uploading these to the site.  Should keep me busy for awhile this weekend. I decided to use a wordpress blog format for this, with a static front page.  The new site will be: This seemed to be a better option presentation-wise.  The other good feature with a wordpress blog is that it is easy to revise and move content around.  Since we host departmental info on a couple other sites using wordpress, it was the best choice.

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  1. It is interesting that in many posts, we all comment about the needed support on basic tech skills we would like our students to have. Defining those is a difficult task. I like how you are considering that a key part of the success your connection.