Monday, May 13, 2013

Update - Rubric Creation

Hey all,

So, I've created a workable rubric for use within the peer evaluation segment of this speech.  I have decided to also utilize the same rubric to determine proper participation.

Students (as evaluators) will use the rubric to give feedback, then give the feedback via online comments within the system.  Then, they will submit to me the paper version, showing their participation and appropriate consideration for each part of speech development.

Part of me feels like this might be best as a soft launch, asking students to sign on to do this for extra credit, to determine issues and alterations prior to a full version of this happening in the Fall.  Still deciding.


  1. Mark,

    I like this a lot. Particularly the speech content portion. (I may be asking your permission to use this later.)
    I'm seeing here you are going to ask for a paper version. I'm finding myself doing the same thing with my students. I have them creating a speech to record over powerpoint as a final presentation, and I've also asked for a written paper. Reading your post has me considering the necessity of a paper document. Do I really need that, or am I stuck in two worlds?

  2. I think a soft launch is a great idea. An alternative would be to make it very low-stakes, like a single homework assignment. I think the rubric will also be enormously helpful to students. I remember in bus com I would ask students to actually identify the "main points" and "sub points" of the paper/presentation they were evaluating because at times they would state that these were effective or that they worked in a paper/presentation and then when I would ask them what exactly these points were, the students would not be able to tell me...

  3. Feel free Steven! In terms of the paper, it might be redundant, however if it serves to hone their presentation it may not be. Are they similar?

    And your points are noted Nikki, that is certainly a concern to pay attention to.