Sunday, May 19, 2013

Very Late Hodgepodge of Responses

My activity, which may be a modest success at best: My Comp I class has just handed in research papers about their neighborhoods.  My plan is to ask them to them work in geographical groups to contribute to a class blog: I'll divide them up as I evaluate the work they've just handed in, and they'll work together to choose pieces of their papers and links and images to post to a sort of mappy-bloggy thing that covers all of NYC (well, except Staten Island--none of my students live there this semester) through their work.

Ideally, I'll find someone who owes me a favor and have their class engage with the blog and then have my students "revise" accordingly?  I really don't know how successful this will be this spring, but I'm planning on theming all of my Comp classes around NYC in the fall, with a more polished version of this idea in place throughout.

I've got my students doing a low-stakes assignment on Blackboard, a hypothetical 2.0 exercise that might be of use to some people getting less response from students than they would like.  They read this article, then each create an assignment prompt like the author talks about, then twice a week, one of their prompts gets posted to Blackboard for everyone to respond to.  Next semester, I plan to require each student to "grade" their fellow students' responses.  While this is "fake" C2.0, it's also practice, and I think it demonstrates how the skills of Comp and of the "real world" intersect.


I'm reading through everyone's posts now, and will report back on what may be a spectacular failure of an exciting idea as I fumble through trying to make this project work.  


  1. Have you looked at Vanessa's? I think there's space for a connecting activity there!

  2. Interesting article, Leah. Would love to be fly on wall during English Dept. discussing this article.
    Having your students come up with discussion prompts and practice doing that regularly is a great (and sneaky?) way of having them engage more deeply with the course's themes and it says, get it together guys, I'm trusting you here. Look forward to hearing how it goes.
    Fake or "faux" as I like to call it C2.0 is fine - you're building the experience and (hopefully) the momentum to expand. "Faux C2.0" rhymes!
    What "mappy-bloggy" thing are you using?
    Have fun!