Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Waiting to Celebrate Group Reflection (Steven, Vanessa, Milena, Daryl)

All members of the group were able to successfully link the trivium.  With regard to the technology, we used YouTube, Blogger, and Wiki spaces.  The communities that were brought together linked more advanced students with less advanced (beginning) students.   A few of us were able to achieve an authentic exchange between the groups, through the activity itself or what the activity taught them.  For some students, the assignment itself “spoke to them” (i.e. it was relevant to their day to day experience), whereas for others, it had importance to the professional roles that they will soon be assuming, making the assignment feel more real and essential to their future.

Some of the problems /challenges  we confronted related to linking students so late in the term (i.e.  students having no real connection and/or  reason to connect with one another); another  group having forged a close community unto themselves  (because they were part of a learning community) and showing reluctance to engage with a new group; and one group had difficulty identifying another professor to link with.
Another challenge was related to exposing students with the technology to assist them in completing the task, and having sufficient time to make use of it.

Overall, most of us felt it was a worthwhile experience, but could be modified and made stronger for the next go round.

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  1. The idea of the online connection being created I suppose is just as important to foster as the physical classroom environment. It's made me think on my own assignment, and although they were all within the environment from the start, the interaction wasn't until the assignment near the end of the semester.

    Do you all tend to look at the technology you use as an 'additive'? That is, you don't supplant what you would do in the physical classroom with online experiences. If so, even if all students don't do what was intended, at least for some it has still met or enhanced your educational goals. :)