Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What's Happening...

Well, I must say the last couple of weeks have been crazy and frustrating, and exciting. I utilize technology in my classroom every time we meet. My Human Services class on Creative Arts Therapies has blogged about journaling, used Youtube to discover music for guided imagery, and music therapy, and are currently recording voice-over presentations for their e-portfolio's. All of my classes utilize exercises that are oriented to student focused, high-impact experiential learning - or as Bass/Elmendorf would use the terms :Social Pedagogies and authentic audience. (I'll respond to that a little later.)
As the Director of LPAC I work across divisions and collaborate constantly. Finding a partner to develop a project mid-term has been frustrating.
 I have been working with Professor Tony Foy on a new project and feel it will be quite beneficial to our students.
Professor Foy's(Tony) HSC 203.0965 Internship for Human Services class is given a hypothetical situation and asked to respond to the situation. (Tony is particularly looking for empathic vs. evaluative responses.)
The students will respond in  class on Thursday, May 16th and respond to each others post over night.
On Friday, May 17th my class HSC 130.0966, an activities class, is a capstone course with students who have already completed their first internship. They will read the blog from HSC 203 and provide guidance to the their peers on how they might respond to the person in treatment with more empathy. The HSC 130 class will also discuss use of a Creative Arts Therapy and how it might be applied if the person being treated is not responding to verbal cues.


  1. Despite the fact that figuring out a collaboration this term has been frustrating it sounds as if you and Tony have come up with an interesting activity. Are you thinking about how to "close the loop" by having students continue to work with the interaction back in your individual classes as a follow-through? For example, will Tony's students engage with the feedback they receive from your students in some way? Just a thought. Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  2. Yes, actually they will respond to the response. We have completed the first two sessions, and I think it went really.

  3. Congratulations! That's great. Can you post the platform(s) here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B17woO1xIWNmMBF0zZmkjGxphYG081ru9jrPfmiCTuM/edit