Tuesday, May 28, 2013

When we first started the seminar I wanted to connect my MAT120 regular section with the hybrid class using google groups and post probability type questions so students from both sections can post their response online and have an ongoing discussion. Well, in April, I changed my plan about the type of questions to post. I posted questions on Measures of Variation problems. This didn’t go as planned. Challenges I faced – Initially, we had problems with invites and students joining the group. I felt this could have been avoided if I was more familiar with Google groups. Students posted their response but never posted any discussions/feedback on their peers’ responses. Also, responses were similar. We did talk about these questions in our F2F class.
My future (fall) plan –
-          Get familiar with Google groups or find more appropriate tool for my class.
-          Do research and find questions that will allow students to not only post their response but also discuss with other peers.
-          Make sure everyone contributes.

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