Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Where are we now

By the second week in May around the 9th, based on their instruction guides the students had independently divided up the responsibilities of their respective pages and began e-mailing me the work they completed individually for their page. We wanted the students to have a platform to create and edit their work, so we created individual groups in our respective classes on google drive. It allowed the students to post their work as well as communicate with each other as they are working. However I did not receive most of their initial research until the following week around the 16th. Also around this time they began putting their group assignment together as a page  and posting it after a review from myself of the direction they were going in and they began self-editing.Some students were experiencing difficulities signing on, but not as much as when they were using Blogger.

By the following week, most groups were ready to have their work reviewed by the CSZ class and vice-versa. I linked Melissa`s class with my class` on the drive and she did the same. From here the students were assigned to review and based on their guide instructions comment (not edit) on the respective groups work.. i.e. the Inference group from both classes are reviewing each others work. They were to determine as a new "supergroup" what their final page should look like.

We are now at the point where a final review from myself and Melissa is on the horizon in order for our students to transfer their work to the Wiki Page.

Reading in the Digital Age

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