Thursday, May 23, 2013

Where it is going...

The blog was started. The students were taught how use the blog. They were asked to post. They read the first assignment, and they are also aware of the math assignment. There is even a more social and friendly space for their interaction. So far, there is very little activity. One student has posted and shown some interest in the blog. That's all I can hope for, for now. Unfortunately, there is little incentive or punitive measures that we can take in the CFA. There are no stakes whatsoever. We struggle with generating student motivation: developing a sense of purpose and that their participation will benefit them. Perhaps there is little that they own on this blog, despite the fact that I made them administrators. Perhaps what we've posted is not informal enough, social enough. Perhaps Facebook was the better option. And I struggle with allowing them the comfort of an environment where they are already acclimated: they need to stretch and break out of their homeostasis if they wish to do well in school. Does this have something to do with what they perceive is the purpose of education? I need a psychopomp to help me enter (or create) the boundary between their space, my space, and academic space.


  1. Hi, Daryl. Sounds discouraging. Maybe we can look at the design of the assignment and see what might have attracted folks--or deterred them. Aside from "incentive or punitive measures" in terms of the class--what might have engaged them? How did this work as a social pedagogy? These are questions (in addition to your great ones above!), that can help you move forward in designing these Web 2.0 environments and inviting folks in. Maybe designing them together...? Do you guys work in a computer lab? That can be helpful in jump-starting the online activity!
    BTW, what's "psychopomp"?

  2. Hermes was a psychopomp. I'm sure there are others. He was able to traverse the land of the dead and into the dreaming, which something completely unique to him. I read a paper once that explained that through crossing those boundaries, new territories were created, which was an interesting concept. I am a bit obsessed with the idea because of the fact that as educators, we are doing something similar: we are trying to create new spaces, especially with these social pedagogies.

    Please take a look at the blog. I will address the social pedagogies idea. I'm sure it works well with the psychopomp idea... which reminds me, can we name our pedagogies anything we want? I am going to name mine psychopompry (TM 2013). I want a quarter every time it is used.

  3. I like the psychopomp idea, it sounds very familiar. I looked for it in Wikipedia. The link is here:

    I see you say something about a math assignment. Is this related to the blog post?

    I would like to see your Blog.

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