Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Agenda - September 10, 2013

2:30 Welcome Back! Hello again, plus a C2.0 update on our Opening Sessions Presentation with Maria, Priscilla, Irwin, Milena and Cyndi. See our proposal The Value of Vision in Design and Implementation.

2:45 Quiet Experiment
Now that you've read and thought about quiet, let's go a bit deeper by doing the "quiet experiment". 

3:30 - 3:40 Break

3:40 Wikis! Practical Hands-on and Wikis in Action
Why we use the C2.0 wiki for collecting info, how to post your info on the wiki, and real life examples of how your colleagues have used wikis with their students!

4:25 New Platform: Voicethread!
Voicethread uses a central image (or series of images) with the ability to receive multiple comments that can be recorded or written. Today as a taste, for homework, we'll experiment with responding to images relating to our ongoing exploration of "quiet". See instructions here.

4:40 Work time!
This semester you will make two (2) connections. The second connection should build on what you learn from the first. 

The first connection should take place prior to our upcoming f2f meeting on 10/8 . You can use this time to:
a. Work with partner(s)
b. Work by yourself (because your partner is not  there or you are connecting two of your own classes)
c. Come to our consulting circle.

In a blog post, describe what you plan to do for your two connective activities.

Part One
1. Read the posts that incorporated your own ideas (there should be two). (You can find them by searching your tag) and comment on each (by 9/17). Reply to others’ comments on your 9/17 post (by 9/24).
2. Post a reflection (after you’ve read the comments and replies): How did it feel to be “quiet” for 20 minutes? How did this activity (both the Quiet f2f experiment and online components) affect (a) your approach to designing classroom and online activities and (b) evaluating their success? What other observations could you share?
Tech Requirement: Post three tags for participant names, three tags for themes, and at least one tag for a platform.
Tech Optional: Please embed links, add visuals, etc.  (by 10/1)

Part Two
Upload your spring syllabus on the spring wiki and complete anything you weren’t able to complete today on the F2013 wiki.  

Part Three
IMPORTANT: Have your students fill out the Student Pre-Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PreSurvey2013F by Friday, September 20.  

C2.0  - and the college - need to hear from your students!

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