Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Know thyself

I'll be focusing on this...  "How do you evaluate “quiet” people?"

After reading Sree's and Irwin's posts and Maria's comments on my original post, it occurred to me that most people consider me an extravert.  Most diagnostic tests place me just over the extravert line although I've always thought I am more introverted.  Oh well, I think this can be somewhat fluid and contextual obviously.

What struck me, though, was how much the personality type of the professor can affect the climate and activities in any given class (to state the obvious).  Irwin and Sree are both introverted and I think it is clear from their posts that this strongly affects their classroom environments and activities.  Likewise, with myself.  Although I am borderline on the extroversion/introversion spectrum, I pretty obviously lean toward, and encourage, classically extroverted behaviors -- especially in my communication classes.  I am going to rethink this.


  1. Yes, I once heard someone say that all classrooms express the teacher's personality. How can it be otherwise? This is not a bad thing, so long as we're aware of this dynamic and aim for some balance along the way. In other words, it's probably not healthy to overvalue either extroverted OR introverted ways of teaching and learning.

    As an aside, I'm fascinated by the frequent discrepancy between our self-conception and how others perceive us. Like most other people in the seminar, I've pegged you (Robert) as an extrovert. Just another example of how people are infinitely complex and surprising. On my best days, I'm able to recognize this "ineffable" quality in my students.

  2. Thanks for the response, Irwin. You know, it's so obvious to me now but I never really thought about it before. I guess I did when observing OTHER professors teach, but didn't think to apply it to myself. I have to say, this unit has really been powerful for me. It's going to make me reconsider a lot of things I do in class.

    Ironically, I am well aware of how much (qualitatively) introverted students bring to class but I have to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak.

  3. I find fascinating on the difference on how we perceive oneself-in the spectrum from quiet to extrovert-and how we are perceive by others. I am assuming that changes with the situation and environment generates variations on that perception which in turn make a gap between expectations from students to professor's behaviour.

    Is there any placement test where others can rate us in this QE-spectrum?