Friday, September 27, 2013

Moderate Introvert

Collaborating on an activity proved itself to be more challenging than anticipated. Scheduling conflicts, differences in teaching styles and varying levels of student participation made the process a little bit more tedious. One tip which might appear to be the most obvious is starting early. Making timelier connections allots for re-evaluation of your platform and/or pedagogy as well as spreading out student responsibilities for the task within the original objectives of the course.

Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility… Be open to minor adjustments or major if necessary.We started out with Blogger and due to technological setbacks, we switched to Google Docs, which proved to be more beneficial for the students.

Students warming up to web tools: A brief introduction to the platform in the form of mini online assignments might help ease the tediousness of working with that particular web tool.

One last tip: Always keep in mind that the ultimate goal of the activity/ implementation of these approaches should promote an increased sense of comfort and familiarity for the students but should encourage the notion that students should actually be learning from one another. At the end of the day the students might conquer the task presented, but if they are not absorbing, learning and applying, what was the point?

I’m a Moderate Introvert????...Okey dokes!:
In my experience (others might agree), I’ve observed that the introverted/extroverted student may come into the “Community” generally with those “roles” pre-established. I have also observed that implementation of a platform reverses these roles for some students. The Community allows for the extroverted student to thrive at doing what they do best-socializing and verbally expressing their thoughts and ideas. The introverted student may work independently within their groups during this “Community Interaction”.  When the time comes for written expression of those thoughts and ideas, the platform has become the microphone/ p.a. system for the introverted.

“Absence of an overt voice does not mean the absence of thought, interpretation or comprehension.”

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