Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Quiet ... quiet ...

I read Wynne's and Sree's post. Their posts where very complete and thorough compared with mine. My post was very short and did not addressed the questions posed by the assignment one-by-one. My feeling with all the documents and videos about "Quiet" by Susan Cain is that the introvert in me perceives it as too noisy and extrovert. As a disclaimer I have to say that I still agree with the Quiet revolution. Maybe that is why my post was that short. It feels a bit like contradiction.

Introversion. A comic by Luchie.
Wynne's post was very well documented towards student's consideration as introvert or extrovert but more about the whole spectrum you can find in any class. On the other hand, Sree's post was more detailed on her personal feeling and then started to answer the bulleted questions. In general, I agree with them in how students learning process is enriched by taking into account the way them and us interact in the traditional and virtual classroom.

I had used in my connection Web 2.0 tools like Wikispaces to a anonymous space where students can contribute with their work and connect to others by helping them refine their contributions. We are planning to again connect a math course with a CLIP class in the same online environment. In addition to that and in the context of a pilot I am participating in, I am planning to connect students of the same level but different professors to collaborate and support each other during the semester. This connection is being put in place using piazza.com. In this free platform, a virtual environment to support students questions is created.

I was interested in participating in Community 2.0 because I always have been interested in the latest cool thing to do in class for and with the students. Now, after participating I cannot think of a class with at least one component where they get to open the classroom or themselves to others.

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  1. Hi, Milena! Hopefully it's not too late to comment on how much I loved this post--including the great visual. I love the complexity of your contradictions, your summary of what you were trying to do last semester, the way you incorporated what Wynne and Sree said to expand the ideas of your previous posts.