Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I am teaching three MAT120 hybrid sections this semester and therefore, connected all three sections on Piazza. I posted a question on Mean and Standard deviation which is 'describe in your own words what mean and standard deviation indicate. Give examples within your major. (Note: You are not asked to describe how mean and standard deviation are calculated.) I received very interesting responses. Students wrote their own definitions and this time it was clear that students didn't copy the responses given by other students ( I had this problem last semester). Responses were unique. 

 How are you evaluating the activity’s design in terms of participation? The question is posted in a way that students have to give examples from their major. Also, I told them that there will be five discussion forums this semester and students' responses will be counted towards their grade and sometimes questions from these forums will be asked on the tests. So far, I received good response from students.

How will you build on this activity for your next connection activity? My next activity that was already posted was on Correlation Homework. It was posted last week after we had discussed the topic in class. I told students to post their questions on the HW and anyone who knows the answer can reply. This activity is mainly Q & A. It is not mandatory to post their reply. Students reply to their peers' questions. I was so glad to see that when a student posted a question regarding the HW on piazza, a student from different section responded to that question.
I will be posting my second Q&A today.

What do you wish you’d have done to promote participation? I should have posted Q&A for the topics before assigning discussion board activity. This would have helped them to connect with other students and to get them into the rhythm of participation on discussion board.
How did/will you evaluate your students’ participation? Why?
I will evaluate student's participation on discussion board. Q&A will not be included towards their grade but will be used to see the questions students have and how others are answering them. I am still exploring this section, how this could serve better in peer learning.



  1. I like that your questions are simple. Is the piazza course the same for all sections?

  2. Yes. I created one piazza course and added students from my sections.