Wednesday, October 23, 2013

At last, I'm making progress...Better late than never

Hello all, I apologize for my absence and tardiness. Well, I guess it’s better late than never. My tentative plan is to connect with CSZ 099 - Academic Reading Strategies which is taught by Dr. Lau.  CSZ 099 prepares students for academic reading and test-taking.  I will also be collaborating with Prof. Amos who teaches CSE 120 - Reading the Biography.  CSE 120 introduces students to critical reading and evaluation of biographies autobiographies, memoirs, diaries and journals. Prof. Amos’s class is doing readings on Hitler and Churchill.    

My class (CSZ) is thematically organized with the focus on critical reading and thinking. Throughout the semester my students have been reading and analyzing various articles and excerpts surrounding the topics: politics, immigration and science. We will also examine the influence of politics on immigration and science. The objective is to create a learning environment where students can share ideas, gain background information, build critical thinking skills, and partake in constructive dialogue.  I will be using blogger with google docs as my platform.  

The CSZ students recently completed their midterm ACT exams.   So, my first connection (this will not happen until next week) will be a reflection post.   Students from both classes (Dr lau’s  and mine) will discuss how they prepared for the test, the reading and test taking strategies they used and share their overall experience and frustration with the ACT.  

In the second connection my students will do a blog post on Winston Churchill.  Students need to visit then sum up information in a blog post. Students from CSE120 class will give feedback.   

Finally, I'm making progress. 

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  1. Sounds interesting. You are really tackling a broad range of systemic issues. Were there specific issues that led you to go so big-picture? Will students be connecting the topics with their own experience? How will you mediate the back and forth between thinking systemically and personal experience, which may - or may not - be indicative of a larger trend?
    Let us know how it goes!