Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Connecting Activity #2

Our Connecting Activity #2 is happening tomorrow. For this round, I'm having my ENA101 students post a paragraph from their revised Midterm Essays on Facebook. Maria's ESL097 students will log on to our class page, find their partner(s) from the previous Connecting Activity, and provide some comments. This is a reversal from last round, where my students were the ones who gave feedback.

Pedagogically, the most significant new element is that I'm giving my students the responsibility to ask for the kinds of comments they'd find most helpful. As I wrote in the guideline sheet: "One of the most important skills in your ongoing growth as writers is learning how to ask for feedback. Therefore, in addition to posting your paragraph, I'd like you to ask your partner TWO QUESTIONS to guide his/her response." Since this is something I haven't asked my students to do before, I provided some sample questions: Please summarize my paragraph in 1-2 sentences; What is the paragraph's main idea? What specific idea or statement in the paragraph needs more explanation? How come? I realize some students will probably just cut and paste my sample questions, so I "strongly encouraged" them to come up with at least one original question. Stay tuned...

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