Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Criteria for Evaluating Web 2.0 Connections

We (Melissa, Mark, and Irwin) all pointed out the challenge of drawing out concrete, specific comments from students. Getting them to think critically about the text can be difficult, since many seem to default to vague, general comments like "I agree with everything because it was good!" We discussed the importance of presenting detailed prompts that ask for specific passages to be referenced in the feedback. In terms of evaluation, we look for: specificity, appropriate scope and length, constructiveness, and timeliness/meeting deadlines. In terms of promoting maximum participation, we talked about the incentives (or lack thereof) to vigorous response. Unfortunately, it seems to come down to grades. If students perceive no penalty or drawbacks to not fulfilling the assignment, then they might just not do it, despite our best efforts to create an interesting and meaningful activity.

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