Friday, October 18, 2013

So, I was kicked out of my apartment...

That got you reading, right?!  Ah, a good headline, albeit not quite 100% true.  No worries, mold remediation which is why I am not in my apartment (building is one year old, weeee!)

So apologies for this post being late, I have no internet connection in my temporary housing for the past almost two weeks.  I'm behind in everything at this point.

In terms of the connecting activity, it will not occur for a little while longer.  I use the first 6 weeks to have practice speeches, focused on specific mechanics and such.  The core speeches are starting after next week.  This is when I will use the connecting activity to help them construct and evaluate their work together.

I'm still really struggling with the concept of a low stakes assignment, last semester I required it but some who didn't do it were certainly to the low value of points placed on it.  This semester, I'm doing what I'd consider moderate stakes, 20% of their speech grade comes from their interaction with each other.  While I hate to take a heavy hand, I hate even more so to allow by low value to have students not participate in something that is good for them.  Eat your vegetables.

So, the activity will happen, but in terms of the timeline I just couldn't mesh with the expectations of the group.  I apologize for that, I am a long range planner and in terms of what was best for the course couldn't make that work.


  1. I don't think requiring SOME form of substantial interaction with your fellow students is too heavy of a hand. Consideration for introversion doesn't need to be carried so far. And vegetables are good for you!

    1. Yes, and I don't feel it is even the introverts that aren't participating, at least that's not the pulse I get. It just seems to be individuals avoiding doing the work.

  2. I find very challenging the development of rubrics that allow for fair evaluation of this type of activities. They can do something but still the value of trying out the activity should be recognize. The conflict is when it is too highly valued then students loose focus on the learning objective.

  3. I can see your perspective Milena, however, when other students are depending on one another to complete the assignment, low stakes hasn't work. The student has no work to evaluate (and it isn't their fault, some even panic in emails or in person about this as they think they did something wrong). Also, their work isn't evaluated by a peer.

    I also recognize when effort and intentions might not hit the exact target, but this is intended to eliminate non-participation.