Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Agenda - 11/5/13 Seminar

2:30 - welcome & announcements
2:40 - 4:10 Conversation with Liz Clark!
  • Part 1 - 15 - Presentation
  • Part 2 - Discussion & Q&A
  • Part 3 - Social Pedagogy Vignette

4:10-4:20 - Break

4:20-5:20: C2.0 presents and reflects - CLICK HERE!

5:20-5:30 Final comments, reminders, homework

Homework for December
Student post-surveys: By December 3
If you need paper surveys let Priscilla know.

Tuesday, November 12:  Feedback: Read your partners’ drafts and comment. Post on the blog a summary of what you’ve noticed in yours and your partners’ reflections. How has this furthered your own reflection?

Tuesday, November 19:  Other sources:
a. Bring in at least two other voices from our blog. How do these connections confirm, contrast with, illuminate your own experiences?
b. Connect to social pedagogy frameworks (e.g., Bass, Clark) and/or pedagogical frameworks (e.g., Bloom, Dewey, Freire, Vygotsky). How do these frameworks confirm, contrast with, illuminate your own experiences?
c. Post a brief summary of the “voices” and frameworks you’re integrating into your reflection.

Tuesday, November 26: Feedback: Read your partners’ posts. The point of the final reflection activity is to individually re-think the seminar and our classes and share those thoughts with the group (and others) with an eye to the future. In 500-750 words. How has each person accomplished this so far? What could they add (or remove)? What links, images, sound, video might enhance the final post? Please provide comments on their Google docs.

Monday, December 2: Complete and post Final Reflection on the Blog

Tuesday, December 3: Presentations and Reflections: (E-255): Prepare a five to six minute presentation of your connection, based on your reflection. (You’ll be presenting as a *panel* with your partners.) A brief Q & A will follow each panel.

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