Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My second activity (writing assignment)

After my first activity which was on definitions of mean and standard deviation, I made students post Q and A on topics they learnt in class. Some students posted Q and some A to the questions. The good thing was the answers were all posted by students, I never answered them :)

The second big assignment is a writing assignment. It is due before Thanksgiving as we are currently in the middle of take home tests and SPSS projects. In this assignment I asked students to research about a mathematician/statistician. Students have to write about the person, some interesting situations or events in the life of this person, discuss the work of this person that relates to one of the topics included in their course. They also discuss why this work was needed (what problem led to the development of the work), how this work led to the solution of that problem. 

I will be posting about students' response before our December meeting.  

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  1. I love the creative ways that you are incorporating other competencies/skill sets into your course assignments. From your post, I see that your students are using critical thinking, writing skills and technological literacy skills as well as mathematical skills/quantitative reasoning. All this, and they are building a math community where they can rely on each other for help. So wonderful. Your students are very lucky!