Monday, November 4, 2013

Second connecting activity

I think I got a little overly ambitious on this one, but will have more to report tomorrow after I meet with both of my public speaking sections today.

Basically, I had all of my students self-produce an informative speech video, upload to Blackboard, and then conduct a small group peer review using a grading rubric I gave to them.  Inevitably there were issues on the front end (what kinds of files to produce, hardware used, etc.), uploading, downloading :), etc.

However, I think we might be past the worst of the issues and ready for the peer review aspect of the activity which is really the heart of the interactive learning activity.

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  1. Robert,

    I like your idea of conducting peer review using a rubric. Is this rubric online? Can students access their rubric scores? Will they know who reviewed their work? If students know who is reviewing their work and if they get a bad score they might do the something to that student. Maybe you will answer my questions when you talk about your assignment today at the meeting.